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Advice On How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

By admin | Friday, October 17th, 2008 | Breakup Tips, Getting Back with an Ex, Stop Breakup

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Advice On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In Six Simple Steps

The break up between a guy and his girlfriend is usually because something went horribly wrong between the two of them.  You are in such a situation. She’s gone, you regret it and you want your, now ex, girlfriend back.  Take these six steps and you could get lucky.

Step 1:

The time has come for you to get deep and honest with yourself. You have to reflect and admit a few home truths.

What part did you play in the whole sorry affair?

Where did you mess up?

What did you do to cause the present status quo?

No, you are not entirely to blame. Yes, she may well have pulled a few punches herself, but who is reading this article, her or you?

If you want your ex back then the first piece of advice is get real with yourself and look at what you did to make things go wrong.

Step 2:

So you’ve done a bit of soul searching. You’ve seen the error of your ways.  You’ve stood in your ex girlfriend’s shoes and seen yourself from her point of view. Bravo, but what next?

Change, that’s what.

You have got to set about eliminating those elements of yourself that infuriated your ex girlfriend in the first place. Very often things that annoy women about men are usually undesirable characteristics anyway. Dump them now.

Get help if you need to, there’s no shame in this and your ex girlfriend will admire you more when she sees that you making an effort to sort yourself out.

Step Three:

Your whole ‘me makeover’ has two parts to it. A lot of internal and behavioural changes will make a big difference but a few external changes can go a long way too.  This is where you apply some work to your personal presentation and physic.

Some new clothes, a different haircut, some workout at the gym will help get you noticed more among those who know you already.  You shouldn’t be too radical here you’ve still got to be seen as the same person but a little enhancement to your general style says a lot to people (including your ex girlfriend) and they’ll become curious to know more about what’s underneath your shiny new look.

Step Four:

You can make all the changes in the world to yourself but you’ll have little chance of getting your ex girlfriend back if you don’t communicate with her. You must be talking to her as regularly as possible.  Start with casual phone calls or emails just to see how she is.

From the outset you should try to sound affectionate.

Hello, or Dear Julie, will not have the same impact as ‘Hi, darling’.

Try to let each conversation with her be an opportunity for her to talk about herself.

How’s work? How are her parents? When was the last time she saw a mutual friend?

If there are any issues in her life these questions might bring them up and you must be prepared to listen to her so that she is reminded what a good friend she has in you.

Do not begin any communications with asking her to take you back but you can start telling her early on that you miss her and you just want to talk to her.

Step Five:

After your ex has got used to having you back in her life as a friend then you can make the move to getting her back as your girlfriend.  You should try dating her all over again.

Invite her out for dinners, cinema etc to start and then to clubs and parties after the first few dates have been successful.  Go the extra mile to show her a good time. Do things you might not have done before like meeting her with flowers or chocolates.

Chivalry goes a long way too. She’ll be charmed if you get her car door for her, take her coat or pull out her chair. Watch a few of the classic movies for ideas.

Step Six:

Soon your ex girlfriend will have seen the changes in you and got the idea that you want her back.  So when you feel the time is right, take her somewhere extra special and tell her what is on your mind.  Tell her you want her permanently in your life and that you want her to be your girlfriend again.

If you heed and apply these six pieces of advice you could get lucky and maybe you can strike an X through the ex once and for all!

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One Response to “Advice On How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back”

Rty Says:
October 19th, 2008 at 7:47 am

My girlfriend left me because she said I don’t give her space to breathe and that I am a control freak and a slob. I thought I was just loving her. I need some help to get her back. Do you really think these steps will work? I really want her back man, but I need to know that I’m not doign this for nothin.


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