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How Long Should You Wait For Your Ex Boyfriend To Come Back

By admin | Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 | Relationship Tips

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How Long Should You Wait For Your Ex Boyfriend To Come Back – Answered With 6 Hard Truths

1. If you are in a relationship with your boyfriend and perhaps have had an argument with him then it is perfectly reasonable for you to wait a little while as the two of you cool off before trying to resolve the issues. However, if you are referring to your boyfriend as your ex boyfriend then this suggests that the relationship is permanently in the past. Your boyfriend/girlfriend setup is officially over. If this is the case then the first hard truth is that the waiting game should be over for you too.

2. If you are waiting for your ex boyfriend to return to you hat in hand or tail between legs, it is most likely true that you are grieving over his loss. You feel desperately hurt and believe that he is the only one who can make you feel better again. You have to deal with rejection and this is one of life’s toughest lessons. The sooner you accept that these are some of the feelings that you need to work through, the better it is for you. You shouldn’t wait another moment before you begin this process.

3. You cannot do anything positive or constructive until you have reached the point where you finally accept that the relationship has ended. You will know you have achieved this important milestone once it has dawned on you that your ex boyfriend is never coming back to you. You must know this without even the slightest reservation. You must stop asking how long you should wait for him. You must see for yourself that waiting for your ex boyfriend to come back is an exercise in futility.

4. Realizing that your ex boyfriend is never coming back can be a very bitter pill to swallow but once you have done it you’ll be in a much stronger position to take some kind of action instead of waiting around for miracles. You now have two choices: You can be proactive and actually work towards getting your ex boyfriend back or you can forget about him and move on.

5. Instead of waiting for your ex boyfriend to come back you may decide that you are going to try every means available to you to get him back yourself. There is a big difference between waiting and acting. If you choose to try and get him back through your own devices then you are in the driving seat of your own life. If you simply sit and wait then he has control over you. Getting your ex boyfriend back is not always impossible. There are other articles you can read to help you work toward this.

6. Once you accept that your ex boyfriend has gone for good you may decide to lay the matter to rest and move on towards a future that doesn’t include him. You should not wait any longer than it takes for you to get over the relationship before you start to rebuild your life afresh. Making the decision to move on with your life can be very healing in itself. Soon the world will seem bursting with new opportunities and you’ll learn the truth in the old adage, ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’. You will quickly see that your self worth does not depend on being in a relationship with him. You will realise that waiting for your ex boyfriend to come back was nothing more than an energy draining waste of time.

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